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Mr Ali Ahmed AlAwadhi established the Bahrain Pharmacy & General Store in 1945. The constraints of World War II, and the shortages experienced in Bahrain at the time enabled him to create a successful business. Within one and a half years he converted the business to pharmaceutical supplies.

Since then, the company has followed their motto, which today has become the tagline for the company, ‘the grace of prevention and treatment’.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To lead in health and pharmaceutical care.

Mission:  To provide the latest and highest quality products. Continually improve service and quality levels. Satisfy customers by building customer relationships.

Values: Ethics, transparency, and quality above all else.

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When choosing to represent an international company in Bahrain, we ensure that they are at least among the top ten in their field. Product pricing is not what drives our selection. We look to the quality and nothing else. It is by adhering to this policy that we have maintained a highly respected reputation in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Companies We Represent

We offer a wide range of top-quality equipment to the medical, dental and wellness sectors in Bahrain.

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